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The Hobbit is based in a magic medieval world with dragons and magic golden rings. A dragon called Smaug had stolen all of the gold in a little town that Thorin Oakshield lives. Bilbo Baggins is a Hobbit. A Hobbit is half the size of a dwarf and is a peaceful person. They never go on adventures and eat 7 meals a day. Gandalf a great and powerful wizard sends him and another 13 dwarfs off to find the golden mountain where the dragon Smaug lives and all of the gold he plundered. I thought it was a fun and amazing book to read because the characters were well described and I could picture them in my head really well. As the characters wonder thought the woods on to the misty mountains they come across black river and other nasty and fowl creatures.

From crossing the mountains they get captured by goblins and try to escape all while leaving Bilbo all alone in the paths under the mountains. As he is walking he finds something that belongs to a fowl creature named Gollum. Gollum wants the thing back and challenges Bilbo to a riddle challenge. If he loses Gollum will eat him if he wins Gollum will show him the way out of the passages. Once they reach the Mountain they get in another pickle. They can’t seem to open the door and Gandalf has left there to find how. They finally get in and fight the dragon. If you would like to find out the rest you will have to read the book.
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The fun part was when the Hobbit and 13 dwarves get captured and Bilbo gets away and meets Gollum.
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