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Flying Solo Flew Into My Heart
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What would happen if your substitute teacher didn't show up for class? What would happen if your class decided not to report it? Then your class may or may not end up similar to Mr. Fabiano's sixth grade class who didn't tell the office when their substitute teacher was a no-show. Instead they decided together to run their own class for the day.

This story is such a fun read and very interesting. It keeps the reader engaged and curious throughout the entire book. Rachel, the protagonist of the story, hasn't talked since the day she found out that Tommy Feathers, a kid she wasn't nice to suddenly dies. Everything she communicates is through writing. Bastian is a military brat kid whose last day at the school happens to be the day with no substitute. The other students in the class also have viewpoints that the reader gets to learn about.

These students who all come from very different backgrounds and family life all become their own family as they work together to deceive school officials that they had a substitute. Although there are some conflicts throughout the day, the class definitely becomes closer.

To find out what happens at the end of their school day, you'll just have to read the book to find out!
Good Points
- The style of writing was unique and entertaining
- The themes involved were ingenious and realistic.
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