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Rise of the Darklings was a light read I'd recommend for anyone ages 8+. It was definitely a children's book, not because of writing or anything like that but just because the story was a little young. But I still enjoyed it.

All of the characters complimented each other very well, especially Jack and Emily. At times I didn't really feel a connection with Emily, our main character, but Jack was easy to love. He was easily my favorite character. He and Emily are perfect for each other!

The author had me guessing until the very end. I really didn't know who Emily could trust. At first, I thought it was the Queen Kelindra but then I was like, she can't. Then I thought, oh the Dagda. And then I was thinking, well maybe it's the Invisible Order.... I must say that I was instantly drawn to Sebastian. Forgive me, I can't remember who he was but if you read the book then you will.... *hint hint*

Paul Crilley did a good job building his world and I enjoyed the different pixies and gnomes. Corrigan was definately a favorite. (Oh, there's another reason you have to read it because I'm not telling you who he is. And I remember this character.) Over all, a good book but I'd recommend it predominantly for children ages 8-12 and younger if they can read well enough.

I actually went out and bought the second book and have been thinking of finally reading it. So keep an eye out for my review of the The Fire King.
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