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Kids Fiction 1381
There's Just Something about Lambs...
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A young Jewish girl, who is excited and prepared for Passover and her first recital of the 'four questions' during the Seder (the telling of the Passover story during the feast) discovers one of their sheep is about to give birth, and has a wrench thrown into her plans for a smooth holiday. But the rejection of one of the lamb triplets leads her to get creative in keeping with their tradition.

Reading about the rejection of the lamb by it's mother, learning about the tradition of having a new child recite the 'four questions' each year (and what those questions are), and seeing how involved farmers are with their animals all make for a well-rounded story to read as Passover and Easter are celebrated each spring. And it is so neat to think that this is based on the author's real-life experience! Miriam (and her brother Aaron) get to experience the Passover in a way that uniquely connects them to their Jewish ancestry. This was an enjoyable read that will be added to our yearly rotation!
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