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(Updated: February 27, 2013)
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I actually had never heard of Ricky Vargas until I received this book. I'm so glad I know who he is now! My first grader absolutely loved this book. He laughed the entire time and honestly, so did I. This book includes three separate Ricky Vargas stories, each one silly and humorous.

I honestly was a bit worried about how silly and funny Ricky is during school. He is definitely the "class clown" as one might say. I was afraid reading this might make my first grader or my preschooler feel the need to copy that, however the story does a fantastic job of teaching children that there is a time and a place to be silly and funny. As a parent, I greatly appreciated that!

In our family we try to keep things light and funny. My boys and I love to act silly and make funny jokes, so this book was definitely our style of reading material. We will for sure be looking for other books in this series now.

This book is an easy read for young readers who are starting easy chapter books. I would say it's perfect for first or second graders.
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