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Kids Fiction 3041
A book with a Cinderella-like plot but several twists!
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Reader reviewed by Dominique

This is quite an interesting book with a Cinderella like plot. If you like Cinderella-type stories, then this is the book for you! With several twists and turns, this story shows you that the life of a princess might not be full of fun, jewels, and handsome and clever princes as you think it might be!

After Ella wins the heart Prince Charming, she moves into the palace to live. However, life and Prince Charming is not as wonderful as she thought it would be. Prince Charming turns out to be dull and not very smart. Life in the palace isn’t much better either. Ella must learn the way of life for a princess—with countless lessons and tutors. Lucky for Ella, she gets a new tutor that is much more interesting and friendly than the rest of her tutors. But she still finds life very boring in the castle and that Prince Charming’s personality isn’t as charming as she thought it would be. Will life improve for Ella? Or will she have to take matters into her own hands?
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