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Stranded by Jeff Probst was an interesting read. The premise was interesting but how the story carried out was not enough to fully capture my attention and make me fall in love with this survival novel.

While Jeff Probst is trying to portray the stakes as high, that is not the way Stranded came across. I was looking for a fast paced, high energy survival story and instead what I got was a very mediocre story. So basically I loved the premise and idea of Stranded, but the execution was just a bit off for me.

The characters were a lot of fun, particularly Jane with her camera and recording everything to report back to her elementary school. I loved seeing the team work they all had to put forth, even when they didn't want to necessarily get along.

All in all, Stranded was a neat book, but for me it just lacked a bit in a few major areas. Those who love a good survival story will most likely enjoy this one.
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