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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, wow, what a book! This book made me laugh, shiver, whoop and collapse into tears. It has everything, the evil villain (Lord Voldemort and his followers (Bellatrix, Malfoy, blah blah blah...), the double agent (poor Snape, poor, poor Snape), the good guys (all those in the Order and fought for Harry), and the hero (Harry, of course!), plus his best friends (Ron and Hermione). With these characters, plus action, romance, horror and hope, J.K. Rowling weaves a beautiful ending to a spectacular series.

Out of all the characters in the books, I must say that Luna, Neville, Fred and George are my favourites. I want to narrow it down to one, but we all know that is impossible. I love Luna for how she is different, and is not afraid to show it. I love Neville for his clumsy but heroic personality And I just adore Fred and George for the humour they bring to such a dark time: "I'm holey Fred!"

I think that nothing can ever truly compete with Harry Potter. It is just so perfect, every single word. Harry Potter is just truly magical.
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