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Kids Fiction 1905
Neat Drawings, but Lacking Story Development
(Updated: October 08, 2012)
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Mario is a squirrel who prides himself on his "amazing" moves--but when his friend Isabelle is not impressed, and even easily imitates his favorite move, Mario is pretty miffed. But after a small attitude adjustment on Isabelle's part, and some compromise from Mario, together they learn each other's moves and even combine them to make one even better.

The illustrations in this book are pretty cute and well-laid out; if you look closely you can imagine all of the different moves each squirrel and animal makes in the book. But unfortunately, the story to go with it is lackluster. There isn't much of a lesson or a point. Mario is kind of an arrogant squirrel and doesn't really learn humility, and Isabelle is a bit aloof as well and just learns to "share" her move. Not much of a story there. Sadly, this book didn't meet my expectations. Perhaps for some--maybe squirrel lovers?--it would be a fun addition to a collection.
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