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The Last Book In The Universe
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The Last Book In The Universe By Rodman Philbrick was, in my opinion,an amazing book. It has the perfect mix of action,adventure,and drama. Rodman Philbrick elaborately represents the idea of what the world would be like without books. In my opinion,that's a scary place. Now I'm no chicken but a world with out books would be intolerable. The theme of "what if" brings this future dystopia to life in the minds of Philbrick's young adult readers. Rodman Philbrick show's aspects of many things that could happen in the future. One natural disaster could bring the whole world tumbling down. Genetic improvement could cause Many cures to illnesses to be lost. The loss of books could lead to people to lose their memory, and many other disasters.
The Protagonist and narrator is a boy named Spaz, who lives in The Urb. The Urb is what the world could look like in the future. A pitch black sky due to smog. Skyscrapers Stripped of Their Exteriors because of erosion. Nothing but dirt or concrete for the ground. A run down and horrific place surrounding a paradise, Eden. Eden is what the world is today, without the genetically improved Proovs. Eden has blue sky's,green grass, and tall trees. In a word, it is, Perfection. Eden's main purpose is being home to genetically improved human beings (called proovs) and is restricted from anyone living in the Urb. When Spaz get's word that Bean, his adopted sister, is dying from a blood sickness, we call leukemia, He Set's out With an old gummy named Ryter and a stackbox child called Little Face, to see Bean before she dies. After running into a Proov named Lanaya. The Four continue on their journey to find Bean. Upon finding her they learn that Bean is beyond the Urb's medical help. Lanaya, after taking a liking to Bean, Decides to take Bean to Eden to be cured. But will Eden allow it?
The book displays the many "What if's" of the future. It displays that if we lose books we will lose not only our knowledge but our memory as well. Although it may sound scary, it's true. I completely Agree with Mr. Philbrick's message in this novel. We need books! WE just simply can't do without them. No matter what we think, we can't. Philbrick's message rings true to all readers. The future is a scary place. It's up to us to change that. I HIGHLY Recommend you read this book. Not only so you can see what i'm talking about for yourself, but because it really makes you think. "What if?" And so i will not leave you with a quote from the novel.
"Do not despair my friend, today is theirs, but the future is ours"
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This Book is vivid. it has a strong story line chocked full of characters.
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