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Cupcake, O Cupcake, where for art thou cupcake?
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This is a cute story about friendship, crushes and cupcakes. The second installment in "The Cupcake Club" finds the girls at the beginning of 5th grade after having spent the summer apart. They've each gone through some changes over the past few months and even Lexie, whose normally shy, seems to have gained a little confidence. That confidence will be put to the test when she's cast as Juliette in the 5th grade production of Shakespeare's famous play opposite her crush, Jeremy. Cupcakes she can handle but, cute boys? Well, that will require a little help from her friends.

In an effort to woo, Jeremy, the girls decide a cupcake from a "secret admirer' will do the trick. Their plan backfires when Jeremy takes one look at the cupcake and tosses it in the trash. *gasp!* Lexi is heartbroken and doesn't understand why he would do that, I mean, who doesn't like dessert?! After a little more investigation, the girls discover that Jeremy has health issues that prevent him from having his cake and eating it too so it's back to the drawing board, or mixing bowl rather. But will their efforts be in vain again or will Jeremy be as excited about Lexi and her cupcake as Romeo was about Juliette? You'll just have to read and find out. While you're at it, be sure to try any of the delicious recipes listed in the back. A sneak peak of the next book in this series, "Winner Bakes All" is also included!
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