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What I Loved: The storyline reminded me a bit of "Are You My Mother?" which is a staple around this house. Only in this story, the eggs don't realize their mother is missing, and it is up to a friendly Brontosaurus to save the day. I love that the bronto takes responsibility for the problem, and then takes action when necessary. I also love the illustrations. They're beautiful and accessible to pre-schoolers while still being enjoyable for adults. I also loved that the author took little opportunities to give facts about brontosauruses and volcanoes in a way that didn't detract from the story.

What Left Me Wanting More: The ending wasn't as heartwarming as I'd hoped. I don't think it will necessarily stop anyone from enjoying the book, but at the end the baby dinosaurs aren't reunited with either their missing mother or the bronto who took care of them so well. They do the proverbial "fly off into the sunset" and it works. I just wanted a little happier ending. :)

Overall, this is a heartwarming, lovely story about the value of kindness and about doing the right thing.
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