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The future of the disaster
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Once, Felix was your average Jewish boy, no different to any other child. Then the Nazis came and changed his life forever, murdering everyone he knew. Now he is a retired surgeon, having lived a great life after the terrible events in his past.

Instead of carrying on with the story during the Holocaust, Morris Gleitzman has changed this and put his story in the modern era. Although this has not much to do with history itself, this book is about the ones who survived and still live on, and how there lives are Now.

I think that this book is great because it is about everything! Holocaust, bullying, forgetting and bush fires. Not many books written deal with the problem of the awful fire storms that take place in Melbourne and the bush lands around Sydney. I also like how it takes place in Australia, the place where the author comes from and where I live now. Normally I read books about America, and thats all great, but its nice to have something about home.

I totally recommend reading this amazing book. Not for learning about the Holocaust, but about the survivors, and the time Now. Not Once, not Then, but Now. You must read this book!!!!
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