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Cute, cute, cute! This book is really adorable, super fun and probably going to be loved by the pre-school/early elementary kid crowd! It’s a how-to book for young children who want to be the best babysitters for their grandpas; they learn how to greet, feed, walk and entertain their grandpas while acting as grandpa-sitters. Also, it’s the story of a little boy being babysat by his fun and loving grandpa. It’s funny and clever, and both kid and adult readers will probably find it amusing.

Although it’s a short book, being for young children and all, the author is still able to give the characters a lot of personality. The little boy has a big imagination, and he’s rambunctious, spirited and kind while the grandpa is warm, caring and willing to be a little silly and goofy with his grandkid. The boy’s love of playing pretend was a great touch, and I liked how he included his grandpa in his games, showing young readers that grandparents can be a lot of fun too.

The illustrations are very well-done, and every time you read it, you can pick out things you might have missed before. My favorite little detail is the inclusion of a pair of conniving little lizards who don't like the grandpa. If you wanted to add another element to reading the story aloud, you could easily play I-Spy-The-Lizards if you were reading this book with a child!

This book is an awesome book for any kid who is going to be staying behind with a babysitter, but it is an especially good book for grandparents to read with their grandkids or perhaps for teachers to read on grandparent visitation days. It’s a cute, silly book that will make kids giggle.
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