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A bond in the most weirdest way
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Kensuke's Kingdom is about a young boy named Michael, who, with his parents, sells their house and buys a boat, wanting to sail around the world. On their journey, they get caught in a storm, where Michael is flung overboard. He wakes up on an island, finding himself only with the company of his dog Stella, and the wildlife that lives on the island. But Michael soon discovers the existence of another man, a man named Kensuke. He is at first untrusting towards Michael, and only allows Michael on 1/2 of his island, but as the days wear by, Kensuke starts allowing Michael slowly into his world.

This book is about a really sweet story that captures the human nature perfectly. This book is about people setting aside their differences, to come together for their survival on a desert island. All the characters are very well developed, and I think that this book may be one of Michael Morpurgo's best (close to some others though).

I recommend this to everyone as it is perfect for all ages, children and adults.
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