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Kids Fiction 1990
The aftermath of the Holocaust
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This sequel to Once and Now takes place in 2009. Fritz, now aged 80, has retired from an illustrious career as a surgeon and is watching his granddaughter Zelda at his Australian home while her parents are off working for Doctors Without Borders. She is having trouble fitting in at school, and is being bullied. She loves her grandfather and tries to make his life better, but her impetuosity gets the better of her. She knows most of the story of Zelda and hopes to be brave like she was, but doesn't feel up to it most of the time. When a horrible fire strikes her area (a fire which she is afraid she caused), Fritz and Zelda must work together to survive, just as Fritz had to work with Zelda's namesake.

Good Points
There are not a lot of books set in Australia, and certainly not many that deal with the problems of wildfires. Zelda's relationship with her grandfather is charming, and it is a nice ending to the series to see that Fritz spent many happy years after his horrible experience during the war.
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