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Kids Fiction 2096
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With its clever wordplay and bright illustrations, Don’t Squish the Sasquatch is a picture book that children will be requesting again and again. Senor Sasquatch wants to ride Mr. Blobule’s bus, but has one request: he does not want to get squished. What seemed simple at first becomes more complex as the bus fills with creatures, pushing Senor Sasquatch to the back of the bus.

The characters are amusing combinations of animals, like Miss Elephant Shark and Mr. Octo-Rhino. Young readers will delight at these unexpected creatures and may be inspired to draw their own new animals. The end of the book is an introduction to alliteration that will have readers giggling.

Grab this book and share it with your favorite imaginative young person.
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Encourages creativity
Great illustrations
One fun fold-out page
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