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I think this book is a great idea.

The City of Ember is about people who live in absolute darkness, except for the streetlights and the lights in teh house, and they often go out. The people in the city wonder out that if in time the lights will go out forever.

Lina and her friend Doon are convinced that there is another world outside Ember and so, naturally, go out searching for it.

Some people may disagree, but I think that this book really is scarily realistic. We all know that the world is slowly running out of resources (i.e. electricity, gas, oil), and with Global Warming going on, who's to say that at some point it will get so hot, we will have to move underground? And then after that, what if the resources completely run dry, and we will be left in darkness... Kind of a depressing idea, but who's to say it won't happen?
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