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This book is about Torak and his oath to have his revenge on Thiazzi after Bale (Toraks bone-kin) gets murdered. Racked with grief, pain and guilt (Torak wasn't there for him, having left after a quarrel), he swears vengeance on Thiazzi and sets off to find him.

I think that Torak went a little bit crazy with revenge, Ren was finding it hard to get through to him.

I really liked how Thiazzi was pretending to be both the Forest Horse Mage and the Red Deer Mage and he tricked them completely. When Thiazzi revealed himself to be both mages, I was very surprised.

Wolf has been my long-time favourite, and I really liked how he found a mate (Darkfur) and had pups. I also really liked how Darkfur abandoned the pack because she was missing Wolf, I thought that was very sweet. But I didn't really like how, after Wolf found out that Torak was "not-wolf", he ran away and abandoned him and needed Darkfur to help him see past their differences. He should know that Torak is a wolf no matter what he was born as. I think that Wolf was the one keeping Torak and Ren all together, so when he abandoned them for Darkfur, their pack was just not complete.

I really liked how at the end, Wolf, Torak, Ren, Darkfur and the new pups were all a pack at the end, how Wolf got over that Torak was a human and not a wolf, and still remembered that he was his pack-brother anyway, and wolves don't abandon other wolves.
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