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Kids Fiction 3169
To sleep, perchance to dream
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Zac has always thought that his grandmother was a bit odd, but when he has trouble sleeping because of bad dreams, he soon finds out just how odd she is-- she is from a land called Nocturne and aligned with the Knights of Nod. She is about to meet up with Rumpos Tinn to discuss the fact that the problems of Nocturne are starting to get to Wakelings (people in our world) when Tinn is kidnapped and put in jail. Zac and his grandmother work with Cornelius and Gideon, meeting at the Forty Winks pub to plan strategy, while Tinn is helped by the sometimes invisible Noelle to escape from jail. Zac's group has to fight magic, dragons, and the vampires and werewolves that the Dream Stealers employ to bring people to them. When Tinn ends up in a goblin camp and one of Zac's own turns out to be a spy for the Dream Stealers, there seems to be little hope that the world can be put right.
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Zac and Tinn's stories are told in alternating chapters, which makes this especially suspenseful. Entering the magic world is not belabored, and is internally consistent. Zac and his companions are likable and focused on their mission.
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