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Kids Fiction 2191
Trouble Strikes Again!
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Jaide and Jack Shield are TroubleTwisters and possess strong powers, powers they can't always control. This lack of control takes these powerful siblings on an all new adventure in Monsters.

The Evil Jaide and Jack trapped back behind the closed portal has taken a brand new form. The duo has heard rumblings in school about the town Monster. They say it is hideous and dangerous. Some of the townspeople think it is behind the disappearances.  But things get complicated when a new girl shows up at school. She has a mysterious father who seems to be sneaking around Grandma X 's house. What form is The Evil taking?

I love the pace of this second book. It is making the series truly enjoyable and I can't wait to read what happens next. The plot in Monsters moves faster than the first book and keeps you on the edge of your seat. It keeps with the straight forward story telling and chapters leave off on cliff hangers which helps motivate the reader to turn the page. This series will be great for any struggling readers or for those who love magic and fantasy but don't like how some adventure-fantasy books get overt wordy with detail. It is very easy to understand the world in which the TroubleTwisters exist. They are grounded in a realistic present that just happens to have a secret magical twist.  Great series for middle school boys and girls! 
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