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Witch's Revenge Stands Alone
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Having not read the first book The Dark Isle I was hesitate to start this one. The Witch's Revenge started off slow, but I was pleasantly surprised. Even without the background of the first book, it was easy to understand the plot, although it did take me some time to understand and picture the world of the Dark Isle.

The Witch's Revenge takes on the typical fantasy adventure plot with witches, talking dragons, and magical creatures. Morag has just started to adjust to the magical world in the secret northern kingdom when magical items start to vanish, threatening the very world she worked so hard to save. Now Morag must join ranks with her magical friends to try and conquer evil once more.

What makes the story unique is the dominate female characters. Morag is a strong minded girl that doesn't shy away from an adventure and has admirable traits. The story is also dotted with some moments of humor which help carry the story. In my opinion, because of all the dominate female characters, this book is a great way to introduce the fantasy genre to middle school girls. Even though this book did not convince me to go back and read the first book, I would recommend The Witch's Revenge to my students.
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