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Lovers of Egypt and Rick Riordan will be thrilled!
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Rick Riordan’s second novel in The Kane Chronicles series is as action-packed as all his other books. The Throne of Fire follows the adventures of Sadie and Carter Kane, descendents of Egyptian pharaohs, as they race against time to prevent the chaos serpent Apophis from destroying the world. Just a typical day in the life of the Kane siblings.

The genius of Riordan’s writing is that he gets children excited about mythology, which leads them to discover new passions. After encountering dozens of Egyptian gods, I know that The Kane Chronicles will be the beginning of a lifelong fascination with Egypt for many readers. I loved learning about hieroglyphics as a child, and wish that there had been a series like this, full of action and humor, when I was growing up.

The second installment in a trilogy can sometimes disappoint, but The Throne of Fire contains enough battles and suspense, not to mention romance and first kisses, that the reader can overlook the fact that Sadie and Carter end the book in a situation nearly as dire as when it began. Riordan’s humor will have readers cackling and sharing their favorite quotes with those around them, such as this exchange:
“You’re Bes, I guess?” I said.
“Yes,” he said.
“Your car’s a mess,” Liz muttered.
“If one more person rhymes,” Emma grumbled, “I’ll throw up.”

Fans of Rick Riordan don’t need to be told to read this, they already have several times! Newcomers are encouraged to read the first in the series and then rush out for the newly released conclusion to the series, The Serpent’s Shadow.
Good Points
It's nice to see Sadie and Carter maturing.
The action scenes, particularly at the end of the novel, are thrilling.
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