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You had me at "Save the Cupcake"! This is a fun new series that follows Hayley, a seventh grader, who has a lot to handle in her mixed up life which vaguely resembles the industrial size mixer she uses to bake her little cakes of love. Her parents are newly divorced, Mom is out of a job and her 8 year old sister is a few sprinkles shy of a funfetti cupcake.

At school things aren't going so well either. Her BFF Artie begins to distance herself while her other friend Marco, whose temper gets the best of him, begins to act strange and Hayley's cupcakes aren't working their usual magic. Life as Hayley knows it is falling apart and she doesn't know how to fix it. The frosting on the cupcake comes when a fellow student's mother tries to get the PTA to ban any and all cupcakes, leaving Hayley to wonder, WHAT PLANET IS THIS WOMAN FROM?! Together with an unexpected ally, Hayley will fight with all the fondant she can roll out to "Save the Cupcake!". She'll discover that life may not always happen the way we expect it too but that doesn't mean it's wrong, sometimes it's the angle we're seeing it from.

I'm also looking forward to what's next for Hayley in "Confectionately Yours #2: Taking the Cake!"
Good Points
Cute cover, and at the end of each chapter is a cupcake recipe for readers to try.
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