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In HOW TO BABYSIT A GRANDPA, a kid gets a crash course in all the fun things to do when a grandpa comes to visit. There are instructions on how to be quiet during a game of hide and seek, what games to play outside and in, and how to reassure a grandpa that the parents always come back. I found all of those elements to be endearing and appropriately accessible to young readers.

The only drawbacks to this book (as a mom of young children)are the sections discussing snacks and nap time. I'm all for fun snacks! But three of the four snacks mentioned as acceptable options are sugary or fried, and that gives me pause as a mother. I want my kids to enjoy fun but healthy snacks. :) Also, the book advises children that during nap time, grandpa will fall asleep but they should stay awake in order to babysit him. Again, as a mother, this isn't advice I want my children to follow. I want my kids to understand that nap time means they sleep, not that they are in charge of the house while grandpa sleeps.

However, I realize my drawbacks are nitpicky things and may not be a drawback to other readers. The illustrations are vivid and adorable, and overall, the book is endearing and sweet.
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