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This heartwarming tale is based on a classic premise, that a love between a boy and his pet can make up for all of those misunderstood times in a short life.

The conditional love he gets at home from his parents makes Hal hanker after a dog, something of his own that will love him unconditionally. When he gets Fleck for his birthday, it is everything he imagined and more. Unfortunately his thoughtless parents had forgotten to tell Hal that Fleck is a rental dog and will only be staying for the weekend. When Fleck goes back to the shop, Hal is brokenhearted, which sets him on a course to rescue Fleck and never be parted again.

This adventure pairs him with the worldly Pippa who has been working with the dogs at the shop, and together they move from town to town trying to keep Fleck and the other dogs safe. They meet a multitude of interesting characters along the way, never guessing the havoc they have left behind them at home.

The characters in the book are well written, endearing and fun, or evil and scheming. Even the dogs have very individual characters. I would recommend this book for an old school, touching story, always with an eye on a happy ending.
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