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Kids Fiction 2053
Amazing Illustrations!
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First, let me just say that the illustrations in this book are amazing. Every page is like a new painting to enjoy. The story is great, too! Moyo and Japera are siblings walking through town to get to the baobab tree. Who will they find there? They are not sure, but they cannot wait to arrive and see.

As they two siblings walk along they are able to gaze upon gazelles, a termite mound, among other things. While they are walking they both give praise to God for his wonderful creation.

My boys and I adore this book. As I mentioned, the illustrations are incredible and the story itself allows the reader to really think about what they are grateful for. It's a great book to get discussion going with young children about the world around them. I see this book as a must have for a home library. Great story, wonderful illustrations, what more could you ask for?
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