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Kids Fiction 1864
Selfless Friendship in a Picture Book
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A young boy prepares for winter by asking his pet lamb for wool, then knitting himself a whole host of cold weather gear. When he sees his his tiny wool-less friend, he surprises the lamb with his own set of wool clothing.

This book could be a precursor to Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree," with the wool standing in as the selfless friend. He says, "Little friend, if you're that cold, I will let you take my wool and you can knit it all up." The message of sharing and friendship is sweet and hooray to Isabel Minhos Martins for writing a male main character who is a knitter.

Yara Kono's artwork is a standout. Her olive green, mustard, and burgundy palette are unconventional and appealing, as it the artwork. The squiggly lines of wool thread through the book until we see the results of the little boy's labor at the end.

Good Points
Gorgeous illustrations in non-traditional colors.
A knitting boy!
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