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Go Women, we show those men
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The First Adventure is about a girl living in a magical, medieval world, who wants to really be a knight but is forced to practice the arts of magic. Her twin brother really wants to be a mage but is forced to be a knight. In a rush, the two twins swapped, meaning Alanna could become what she always wanted to be, a knight. Forced to pretend she is a man, Alanna survives through many adventures, proving that women can just good as men.

I wouldn't recommend this book for 10+, where it has been placed in, especially the next few books. This book should be more for 12+, as they get older, you know, things happen.

I loved this book, I fell love with Alanna's determination. I had read first test and that quartet before reading this, even though I enjoyed them greatly, I definitely preferred these books. I powered through them and when I had finished them I went straight to the Wild Magic ones. I got bored of them as I got to the last one. Nothing can beat this book and it's sequels. Read it!!!
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