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I had read A Long Way Gone, a book about the lost boys of Sudan, awhile ago and often wondered if there was anything available for younger readers. I was looking for a book that could help educate my own students about life outside the United States. I then heard of A Long Walk to Water.

The narration is split between two characters; Salva and Nya. They both face hardship and have to deal with situations that most adults have never had to face. Salva's journey, based on a true story, begins in 1985 as the conflict in rages throughout Sudan. Nya’s story begins in 2008 where she must find water to survive.

The topic of the Lost Boys of the Sudan can be a difficult and complicated story to describe to young readers. To live in an area where there is a war that never seems to end and suffering beyond many young people’s imagination is difficult to put into words. Linda Sue Park weaves a beautiful story mixing the horrors of the past with those of present day. She brings awareness to the conflict in Sudan and the country’s need for clean water.

This is a great book for readers of any age and is sure to bring about some great discussions. Even as an adult, the book is enlightening and helps the reader develop a deeper appreciation of many things we take for granted.
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February 25, 2015
We read this in our 6th grade Social Studies class. Everyone really liked it and we learned a lot. It is one of the only things I remember about that class (it was awhile ago!) Everyone should read this book.
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