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Spirit Walker
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Torak has joined the Raven clan when suddenly a terrible sickness spreads around the clans. Torak believes he must save everyone from it and goes to the sea shore where he gets captured by Seal Clan. He is then taken to their island in the middle of the sea where he meets Tenris, the Healer of the Seal Clan. Back on the mainland, Renn finds out where Torak has gone and travels to the island with Wolf. While out exploring Torak falls into a fish net because of a Tokoroth tricks him. (Tokoroth are children who are beaten till there souls have no power and are slaved by their captors) Wolf and Renn rescue Torak but after Torak has used his spirit walker powers. Tenris tricks Torak into trying to find the cure and then catches him and tries to bring Torak's powers into himself. Tenris gets killed by a killer whale and Torak finds out that his dad was a Soul Eater and was murdered because he left the group.
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Beautiful book, well written. Made me feel I was inside it. The description was vivid and made the book come alive.
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