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Amazing! Most unique book ever
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It’s hard to describe exactly what I felt while reading this book. Elation at the speed and ease of navigating 600+ pages? Burning biceps as I held the book to read (it weighs like 10 pounds—no lie!)? The thing that sticks with me most is the pictures. I loved seeing Rose’s story unfold with every page. It was a constant guessing game. I was captivated by the detail that went into every picture. When her story starts to blend with Ben’s story, it becomes this beautiful tale of finding where you belong. To be able to tell a story with so much passion with only black and white sketches, isamazing... Simply, amazing.

Ben’s story is very moving. The poor kid has a rough life and never feels like he belongs anywhere… until he runs away to NYC. It is in NYC that he begins to learn about his past and finds a way to belong in his new life. I really did love this story. It was simple, yet complex. For a MG book it’s pretty deep. Anyone that reads this novel will have mixed emotions. There are so many layers to navigate that it’s hard not to experience many things while you read. A+ novel. (So glad we picked this for book club this month!)
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Both stories are gripping.
Beautiful illustrations.
Most unique book I've ever read.
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