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Graveyard Book
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The premise to the story is that a toddler toddles out of the house while a murderer is killing his parents. He ends up in a graveyard, and when the murderer comes to kill him, the ghosts in the graveyard choose to shield him from harm and end up adopting him. The book then chronicles his life as he grows up around ghosts. As can be expected there were excellent moments of suspense throughout different sections in the story.

My only real disappointment was that the story was a bit episodic. It jumps through sections of his life, and I didn't feel like I was carried with it through each section. While I loved the sections of his early childhood making friends as well as his adolescence when he learns haunting, I found the ghoul section a bit too fantastic. In short, there were moments when I put the book down, and didn't feel any anxiety to pick it right back up again.
Good Points
-Excellent beginning. Hooked me immediately.
-Clever premise
-Good suspense through most sections
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