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Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist by Liz Kessler
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Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist by Liz Kessler is a fantasy must-read for all preteens! It starts when the main character, Emily Windsnap, finds a beautiful diamond ring buried in the sand, so she puts it on... but then she can't take it off! It becomes a burden (it's cursed and magical), and King Neptune, the king of the sea, is not happy (more like infuriated) with Emily... Read the book to find out why he's so angry with her. Since he is so angry, he sets a curse on her which will result in her never seeing one of her parents again... can she stop the curse?

I just LOVED this book. LOVED it. It was very mysterious and interesting. When Emily was trying to get the other ring, and she was trying to swim to Shona, I was so interested that the real world faded away and I was pulled into the story, not thinking about one other thing besides the book (Seriously!)! When Ms. Kessler was describing the ocean and surroundings, she did a great job, too.

When a book is by Liz Kessler, you know it's going to be great! She always has an interesting fantasy story to tell, whether it's about a mermaid or a fairy or time-traveling. This one happens to be about a mermaid, and it is the third book in the series. Liz Kessler is a great author from England, and she is a very popular author of children's fantasy stories. Never stop writing! :)
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