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Firegirl by Tony Abbott
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Firegirl is a touching, sad, and memorable novel. It may sound like a book about a superhero, but it's nothing like that! It starts when the new girl, Jessica Feeney, who is "badly burned," comes into Tom Bender's 7th grade class--but only because she needs to go to a infirmary in that area. Everyone is afraid of her--except for Tom. When everyone (including his friends) keeps making fun of Jessica, Tom tells them to stop, but even so, they keep going and that results in him just not being their friend anymore. Meanwhile, he starts to form a friendship with Jessica... He becomes a changed person when she departs... read it to see how.

This is an unforgettably sad and moving novel, primarily because of the lesson learned: do not judge a book by its cover. Jessica may have looked strange on the outside, but on the inside, she was a friendly, understanding girl. I'm going to go read it again now. Bye!
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