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Wow, this book makes me so glad that Im not back in middle school anymore. Shoot, looking back, Im glad I wasnt in the popular crowd. I wasnt a complete outcast (somewhere in the middle of the social hierarchy), but I didnt have that pressure of trying to maintain my status and thats what these girls are all about.

In this installment in The Clique series, Massie Block discovers that not only did Alicia and Olivia steal the Octavian Country Day School uniform design contest from her, they also have a Teen People modeling shoot scheduled! Thats more than she can take. She decides to get revenge upon Alicia. Meanwhile, Alicia is debating about starting up her own clique and getting out from underneath Massies thumb.

Readers of the series will not be shocked at the lengths to which either girl will go in solidifying their positions, from attack wall murals to sabotage. Other sub-plots include competition between Massie and Claire over a boy, and Kristen & Dylans attempts to keep their own secrets from coming out (I wont give them up; youll have to read the book to find out what theyre hiding).

Fans of the privileged chick lit genre will appreciate this backstabbing addition to the cannon. Girls aged 10 and up are definitely the primary audience and social climbers will want to take notes.
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