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The Forever Crush
(Updated: July 01, 2011)
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Once again, Moffitt strikes gold with the third installment of The Pink Locker Society. In this book, she tackles the tricky aspects of boy/girl relationships. Jemma has a boyfriend...or does she? As she struggles to figure out what her relationship with her forever crush Forrest is or isn't, she feels she has no one to talk to. She doesn't want to give away her secret because being Forrest's pretend girlfriend has to be better than nothing, right? Without being able to talk to her best girlfriends, she turns to none other than the Pink Locker Society anonymously hoping to get the advice she needs and craves from her friends. Jemma's character grows a lot in this book, we see her evaluate what a relationship should be and she realizes along the way that being true to herself is more important than having a boyfriend.

Along with Jemma's boyfriend struggles, her friend Kate is tackling a whole separate issue of body image. After a "Fat or Not Fat" slam book goes around the 8th grade class labeling Kate in the "mostly fat" column, she struggles with her perception of her body. Moffitt does a great job of dealing with Kate's body issues, respecting the difficulties that teen girls often have with this issue. She leads Kate to make healthy decisions and be accepting of the body she does have.

Overall, if you liked the first two books in this series, add this one to your reading list. Mothers and daughters this is a great series to read and talk about together!
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