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When Ms. Jenkinss class learns they will have a substitute teacher, they go a little crazy. Amanda scribbles on the chalkboard, Luke performs a circus act, Gavin laughs like a mad scientist. Then the one-eyed, tentacled Substitute Creacher arrives to clean up the classs act. For forty-nine years hes been substituting. He warns the class with his stories of mischievous pranksters and the magical consequences they suffer. Then he shares the most grievous story of allhis own!

Whimsical and a bit creepy, Substitute Creacher by Chris Gall calls out to the spooky-loving in each of us without overwhelming or frightening readers. Though not a poem, Mr. Creacher speaks in snappy rhymes and this helps to lighten the tone.

Chris Gall illustrates each of Mr. Creachers stories in comic book form, a special touch that highlights the other-worldliness and narrative quality of each tale. Best of all an unexpectedly unique ending awaits readers.

Boys will find this book fiendishly fun at Halloween or any other time.
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