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Be warned. This book is not for wimpy kids. Now if you want to learn how to rule the world and take over those in power(adults) then this book is for you!

And we can't forget the evil laugh--MUAHAHAHAHA!

Follow super villian Vordak as he gives some advice on how to rule. There's even a guide on what to do once you do become ruler of the world!

This is a brilliant, diabolical, and even hilarious tale on everything you need to know to rule the world. This book has everything that makes it a sure hit with fourth grade boys. I know. I have one! My son loves Vordak and even shared some passages with Doheny, a physical therapy dog that comes to the library once a month. I mean, what's not to like about this story? Vordak is a brilliant super villian with plots to take over the world. Some of his samplings include using a Sharpie to alter Girl Scout cookie boxes by adding 'Now with Boogers' to Thin Mints; tell your baby brother the word for shoes is "poop"; and relocate the sign for the petting zoo in a more "interesting" location.

The illustrations are fun too. I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves this kind of humor and for adults who want to find out what exactly Vordak is plotting next.

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