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Only Girls Allowed!
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Membership is a high honor, but Jemma and her two best friends cant tell anyone about their secret office, the work they do, or how they always manage to skip study hall. Behind pink doors, the trio of teens (plus Bet, the new girl) have been asked to take on a mysterious mission at Margaret Simon Middle School. Theyre supposed to help other girls by answering their questions about the PBBs. Can Jemma, Piper, Kate, and Bet think fast and think pink?

~From the Only Girls Allowed back cover

The first installment of the Pink Locker Society answers those tough questions tween girls always seem to have, the PBBs. What are PBBs? One of the Bs stands for boys, youll have to read the book to find out what the other two letters stand for. The four girls are entrusted with the huge secret of the PLS, they must find answers to questions girls send them, and keep their identities secret. The story is told through the eyes of Jemma, and she must make a choice between keeping that secret or impressing her long-time crush, Forrest.

Only Girls Allowed gives girls real answers to questions they have about growing up. Like crushes&do you tell them or not???? Youll find out what the girls of the Pink Locker Society say. The author, Debra Moffitt, uses her knowledge as kids editor of to honestly answer questions that girls have in a funny, entertaining way. This isnt like reading a textbook or trying to ask a question that youre really too embarrassed to ask. As an added bonus, readers can go to the companion website to interact with the characters and find answers to the questions they have. I looked at the website and along with the blog, there is also a fun recipe and craft section.

Definitely check this book out, it's informative and very true to what middle school age girls are thinking and feeling. If you are a parent, this series might help jump start those important conversations you need to have with your daughter. The second book of the PLS comes out in January!
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