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The Graveyard Book Review
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Reader reviewed by evan tanaka

The Graveyard Book by Neil
Gaiman is a pretty decent book. Although I personally did not like the book, I thought
it was well written. The story starts off rather confusing and leaves the
reader rather puzzled throughout the book. On top of the questionable beginning,
the author throws another curveball at us. The main characters real name is
unknown, but he is referred to as Bod, short for Nobody Owens. Bod ends up in a
graveyard on the top of a hill, and ghosts gives him the freedom of the
graveyard due to the fact that his parents were killed and he is an orphan. Bod
interacts with ghosts and acquires new skills and languages that he uses
throughout the story. I think the book possessed too many unanswered questions
that distracted me from focusing on main events that happened. I do however
like the theme or life lesson that the author was trying to get across, which
was to appreciate what you have, before you lose it. Also, I like how well Gaiman
did at showing that you dont need to be blood-related to have a family. I
think that Neil Gaiman did a job well done on teaching and reminding me to appreciate
all the wonderful things that I have and all the loving people I have
surrounding me and to not take them for granite because you may wake up
tomorrow and some people and things may be gone.

would only recommend this book to people if they really do enjoy reading in
their free time. I found this book a waste of time due to the immense amount of
confusion I encountered while reading this book, it made it more difficult to
read. I do however think that anyone could use a reminder to be grateful of the
things they value in their heart.

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