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The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman is a spooky story about a little boy who grows up in a graveyard. The little boy named Nobody Owens sneaks out to the graveyard on the night that his parents and older sister are killed by the man jack. The man jack follows the nearby graveyard. The specters of the graveyard hide him, and one of the phantoms, named Silas kicks the man jack out of the cemetery and erases his memory.

A couple of apparitions names Mr. and Mrs. Owens adopt the boy, and give him the nickname Bod. Silas also watches over and teaches the boy. He also leaves the graveyard to bring him food. There are other ghosts in the graveyard that teach him such as Miss Lupescu and Liza Hempstock. They give Bod Freedom of the graveyard and he is taught tricks, and can disappear from human sight. He is allowed to explore ancient graves with monsters in them for entertainment. Bod is not allowed to leave the graveyard because the man jack still has it out for him.

When Bod is 5 years old, he became friends with a girl named Scarlett Perkins while she was playing in the cemetery. Her parents think that Bod is just an imaginary friend because he can disappear from them. Scarlett`s parents even convince her that he is just an imaginary friend. She ends up moving away and Bod is devastated. He gets very lonesome and wants human company and finally convinces Silas to let him go to human school.

This is the epic story of a little boy trying to grow up between the world of the living and the world of the dead. He uses his powers to go on amazing adventures and even stands up to a bully at school, but he is aware of what would happen if the man jack were to find him. One day, he sees a suspicious figure. Will the man jack find him again?

This novel would be great for Harry Potter fans. Many elements of this story are very similar to that of Harry Potter. The little boy`s family is murdered when he is just a baby, and he grows up practicing preposterous powers. He also lives among an absurd cast of mythical creatures, and explores monster infested tombs, just like in Harry Potter. I would recommend this book to any Harry Potter fan, or anyone fascinated by abnormal beasts. The thing I didn`t like about this book was that it was so incredible. The events that took place in this book would nrver happen in real life. It was kind of hard for me to read a novel where everything is so ridiculously impossible. You need to really use your imagination while reading this book.

The Graveyard book is a fun, yet spooky and confusing book to read. Neil Gaiman thinks of some really creative adventures in this novel. Some of the characters of this book were so interesting, I could`ve read a book just about them. I enjoyed reading this spooky fairy tale. The Graveyard Book is a must-read for anyone with a good imagination who likes a good, paranormal story.


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