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Reader reviewed by Tyler H.

         Two brothers share an unbreakable bond for kite flying. They have two special abilities, and they are Young sup is a master at kite flying. Kee -sup can make a kite fit for a king. Can they combine their abilities, and do well, even with Young-sup staying in 2nd for his brother, so he can win and represent the family? Or will Young-sup take over?

            I think that people who like a nice, happy ending book, would like this book very much, like I did. It was a very good, happy book, although there were some parts that bored me. Like the part when Kee-sup took SO much time on making both of the kings kite, and his brothers kite.

            I recommend this book if you like brotherly bonds, or books that everything turns out alright for all of the people in it. BUT, if you like books when people pass away, or horror books when people scream. This is a book recommended for people between 3rd and 6th grades. 

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