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okay, but nit what i was looking for
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Reader reviewed by Jim K.

The tension heats up in Seoul, Korea as Young-sup gets ready for competition. But tradition says Kee-sup, the firstborn son, must represent the family. This is a quiet tension heating up, like a shark creeping up on its prey as The Kite Fighters goes up a notch.


This is a quiet story to me, as it seems to barely float with me along to the climax. Thats when it gets good. But still, all the right things happen to make a fairytale ending. Then when the kite fights start, it was at the top of the whole book. If you can keep reading it, itll reward you.


I recommend this book for the people who like a quiet story that dont give up on a book. If you are an action-packed person who is a tough judger, dont even have an idea about this book. Linda Sue Park made a good book, but I dont think its her best.

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