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Reader reviewed by Madison M

Young-sup the younger brother of Kee-sup has discovered his talent for flying kites. For New
Years Celebration his older brother got a kite and young-sup wanted a kite too. He begged Kee-sup to let him try with his kite. Finally Kee-sup lets Young-sup try and both Young-sup and Kee-sup saw how good Young-sup was at flying the kite. Young-sup faces many problems but finds creative ways to solve them.    In this story, Young-sup and his brother start to understand each other and help solve each others problems.

This book is a good book because it has a good meaning and makes you want to keep reading.  It shows how two brothers start to better understand each other as they develop a great relationship.  Young-sup has problems that he has to solve, and he comes up with creative ways to solve them.  You wont want to put this book down because there is so much excitement and worry involved. 

If you like action-packed adventure, this book might not be right for you.  If you enjoy historical and realistic books, I highly recommend this book.

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