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Reader reviewed by Kaylee B

Kee-sup is a boy who loves to make things. Young-sup is the opposite of Kee-sup, Young-sup likes to fly things. Young-sup gets really jealous one day when Kee-sup gets a Kite, but Young-sup keeps telling Kee-sup that Young-sup himself should be the person who gets the kite. Will they get to do what they want to do, or will Young-sup have to make the kite and will Kee-sup has to fly it? Read the book to find out!


I think this book was GREAT!!!  I loved how the main characters (Kee-sup and Young-sup) met a bunch of new people, and those people made the story better! They run into some people who you would never have thought they would run into in this book.


I think you would like this book if you like books that have people that switch places also if you like books about people fighting there feelings, or fighting In a sport. You wouldnt like this book if you like mysteries or if you dont like historical fictions!!!

                                                  Read this book today!


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