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Reader reviewed by Jack.K

Back in Seoul, Korea in 1473, two brothers are excited about the kite fights of the new year. Young-sup is a flawless expert at kite flying, but is under-rated by being the second son born, which is a law by tradition. Kee-sup has trouble flying, but can design a high-flying kite. These two relatives make a perfect team. But unfortunately, Kee-sup must be ahead of Young-sup. Will the law be broken? Read to find out!                                                          This ancient novel has a lot to say. That is why it has become a Yearling. These two boys that are brothers take the story on for a roller coaster. All in between there are arguments, loving moments and a new invention. The feelings are the corkscrew. Jealousy, happiness, sadness and even mixed emotions! Once youre finished, youll be wiped out!                                                                                                                                                As I conclude, this novel has many ancient cultures. If anybody wants to learn a little about ancient Korea, The Kite Fighters is a great book. But remember, DONT read it for top info. This is also not for action nor romance. But if you want a brotherly story, youll cherish every word.

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