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Reader reviewed by C.J. T.

Young-sup is looking forward to the New Year but when his brother Kee-sup gets a shining New Year kite Young-sup flames with envy! Kee-sup finally gives up to Young-sups constant begging while inside Young-sup he is shouting with joy! Key-sup finds he has the talent of craftsmanship, while Kee-sup is sharpening his skills Young-sup learns he has the talent of the kite! Will Young-sup enter the kite tournament fo his family honor instead of his older brother?


This book has very good points but needs more action because for about two chapters it complete lost me. While I am a action lover some people may like having to wait and think about the book to figure out the book.

If you like steady ancient fiction books this is your type. But if you love action like me,  please do not waste your time reading The Kite Fighters. Please think about your type of book before reading The Kite Fighters.

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