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Reader reviewed by Daniel

This book is about a boy named Young-sup and is brother Kee-sup. Young-sup is better at flying kites than his brother. Kee-sup is 14, and young-sup is only 12. Young-sup thinks that his brothers life is better and that he gets to go everywhere yet he doesnt get to go anywhere when Kee-sup does.                         

I think you will like the book because if you like suspense you will love this book but if you like to read books from beginning to end then you will not like the book so if you like to read books from beginning to end then stay away and dont bother to buy the book.                                                                                                       

I think that this book is good for people that like kites and for people that like suspense. I also think that people that like to read books from beginning to end will not like this book because then you wont get all the suspence and youll miss out on the best parts about the book and wont get to think about what will happen next in the book.

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