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Reader reviewed by Allison K.

Young-Sup, a boy who lives in Soul, Korea, is a boy who loves kite flying. He is a jealous little boy who thinks that his dad gives his older brother, Kee-sup, everything. When the time comes for the annual kite fighting festival, Young-Sup wants more than anything to fight with his kite in the festival to represent his family. The only problem is that the oldest kid is supposed to represent the family. From jealousy to great ideas, The Kite Fighters is a book with suspense and action packed fun.


I think that the book, The Kite Fighters was a great book with suspense and action. This is a book that the action isnt as in fighting with swords, but with kites. I love this book because it is the type of book that if you are reading a book in a group, you will be suspicious on what will happen next, and you can have the fun a little at a time. I also like this book because it is a book where if you read the whole book at the same time, you will be begging for more. I think that it is a great book because it resembles the life of how two brothers in the present time now, could live from fights to fun. I think that this is a great book because it never gets dull at all. It keeps going with suspense and action.


I would recommend this book to those kids who dont like action as in bloody violence, but action as in fighting, but with kites. I think that those kids who like books that have a scenario that could happen in real life. I think that this is a book for kids who have a couple of challenging words, but not as in they dont understand one thing about the book because of the words. I think that you would like this book if you like suspense as in, what is going to happen next? I really like the book, The Kite Fighters, and I recommend this book to everyone.
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